• ERWU-projects is a Dutch company operating in the French Bordeaux region.
  • It has specialized in the evaluation, management and quality improvement of wine producing domains. 
  • The company constantly aims for quality, return on investment for her clients and reliability, and employs winemakers ranking among the best of the Bordeaux region.
  • Our experience, skills and excellent working relationship with MCI Globex are at the disposal of our clientèle in order to find the vineyard which suits specific needs.
  • Then setting up the new venture with and for the client, as well as managing the investments is totally within our capabilities.
  • Because of the frequent visits to the Bordeaux region ERWU-Projects is always aware of which vineyards are for sale.
  • ERWU-Projects selects and hence inspects the technical and commercial aspects before involving the client at all.
  • ERWU-Projects works entirely in the interest of the (future) owner and not for the seller.
  • Several years of experience in the management of vineyards owned by foreign investors makes it possible to inverse the process of a  vineyard in economic difficulty into a producing vineyard with 90 points in The Wine Spectator, within the period of 2 years.
  • In our experience a good return on investment will be reached through better efficiency, by outsourced management, and by direct sales, avoiding the traditional Bordeaux market place, by using modern (social) media for branding, marketing and sales.

We are therefore very happy to work with MCI Globex; in the complex field of wine-estates, it is essential to have a fully licenced agent who works only in the buyers interest. MCI Globex are experts with several decades of experience in France. They are friendly, helpful and service-minded.